Thursday, July 1, 2010


These days of summer have been of easy living I must say.
I just got back from a run. Quite honestly I'm not so happy with it, but with this it got me to thinking...

I'd like to think of negative things as weeds, and the positive things as flowers. In my case of running today there are more weeds. If you haven't noticed before weeds will often take over a garden if it isn't well taken care of. Just a thought. How would you like your garden to look? How would you like your garden to portray God?

The same goes for our relationship with Christ. This time weeds being sin, and flowers being anything that makes our relationship with God grow. If we let to much sin or even to much unconfessed sin into our lives, and let temptation, and the devil grab a hold of us, then the beautiful flowers will become wilted, abandoned and overpowered, and soon the the flowers will become hidden. I think this is where black and white becomes gray, and where right and wrong doesn't really matter.

It's important to keep a steady focus on the goal, and it's important to weed out anything you can that puts a blocking wall between you and God. In many ways today I could have eliminated many things on the negitive outlook side. I could have taken a different path, took my inhaler, and decreased my distance, but sometimes just doing it the hard way is what is takes to learn. Just some thoughts. Take what you can. Apply what you will.

Stay cool.

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