Tuesday, July 6, 2010


A mixture of thoughts have been stacked on my mind. Here are some for you...

-I have been so incredibly blessed this summer. My prayer is that I could understand it.

  • Let me just tell you I have been blessed with the best 'job'. Now you may be sitting in your chair thinking "NO way. Mine is cooler." Sorry to burst your bubble buddy but.... :) I actually get paid for jumping on a trampoline, getting tackled and hugged, laughing, and spending time with some of thee greatest and most inspirational kids ever. Who would've ever thought that was a job? Truthfully I feel somewhat guilty about it, but I'm not letting these moments slip through my fingers like sand... I love you Coley, Allie, and Braidster. 
  • Today I passed my driver's test! Before my test I was nervous to the point I could of actually thrown up, but after I prayed for strength, comfort, and guidance I could feel God's presence all around me, and God helped me get past everything as it came. My first ride on my own was to an FCA camp meeting, and for real my first thoughts as I hopped in that car were "I AM SO LONELY!" Really the feeling of loneliness wore off fast, because I knew in every way God was sitting in the passenger seat ready to take that wheel at any moment. It's truth.  Thank you! Glory to you my God. I'm so blessed to know you. You rock. I can't wait for all our road trips together.  
  • In less then a week now I will be leaving for New Orleans. I am overly excited, and completely blessed with this opportunity. It'll be over a week and a half of intense deepness, and intimate time with God. My plans are to keep a journal daily. I know I'll have tons of thoughts to jot down. I'm hoping when I return I'll post them up here. I'm not sure how I'll feel about it once I realize the intensity of it, and actually trying to place words for it, but I'll just have to wait to see where God wants me to go.
  • Speaking of Coley previously...this just reminded me. Cole will be going for a test July 20th to see if the cancer has backed off or progressed. If all is well then his port comes out July 21st! I would just like to encourage you to pray for him, his family, and the doctors. He's come a long ways, and I realize every single day I get to spend time with him, and his family now, as all my other friends, and people, it is a blessing. Don't take it for granted.
Not much deepness here, or organization, or well you get the picture that my mind is like an exploded filing cabinet. :) Anyways take some time, realize your blessings, lay 'em out. Thank God. Do what you need to do.  

Stay cool. Go serve our KING.

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