Saturday, February 8, 2014

Memories Held In My Heart

22,377,600 seconds,
372, 960 minutes,
6216 hours,
259 days,
37 weeks,
8 months and 14 days,

...since the day you left us to be with our gracious Heavenly Father. As the days go by, the loss of you fails to grow more faint. I knew as we grew older, that life had taken us on different paths. However, the expectation of our paths crossing to share a friendly smile and watch each others life unfold never faded. It was you that made me believe that childhood friendship created an endless tie.

I am at a loss for words and understanding but am left with a few small memories. Often, I wondered as we grew older if you remembered them, if your "hi" in the hallway became flooded with them. Mine did.

I remember when I was little and my mom would take me to the mall. The first thing I would do is look for your family's vehicle, parked generally in the same spot, sometimes even with the horse trailer attached. I would always peer into the Saddle Shop, where I knew you would most likely be. I remember walking around looking at the knickknacks on the small glass shelves with you, while our mothers exchanged conversation.

I remember climbing up to the top bunk, where we would lie on opposite sides for nap time. Lying still and carefully listening, we would wait for the footsteps to disappear. When the coast was clear one would "sneakily" crawl to the other side. While others napped, we exchanged whispers. Then, when nap was over and we heard the footsteps returning for us, we'd crawl back to our respective sides and pretend to be asleep.

I was told we were inseparable, that in our four or five year old innocence you once even asked me to marry you. While I can't physically remember all the times we shared, I am convinced my heart holds each one of them, because as time goes on I often think of you. I find reminders of you following me through my week and I thank God that you were my childhood best friend.

Remembering you.