Sunday, July 25, 2010

Unmistakable, Undeniable, Unconditional.

I suppose I should start out with by apologizing for not getting any of my posts up from New Orleans. Although I think a lot of them were convictions and I didn't get a chance to pull out a notebook and start writing they are still imprinted in my heart. Probably within the next week I'll be getting pictures online, and some posts up about it. I hope!

Anyway I feel kind of frustrated at this point, so God I pray that you lift everything off my heart and fill me only with You God, because You are all that I need. Take my burdens, and all my cares away. Help me to praise You in every moment, and thank You, and bring glory and honor to you in all the ways that I can.

Today was pretty spectacular. I made some new friends, and got to spend some time with my sister and her family. For about the last month in a half I've been attending church with them. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my church, my pastors, and the people there, and I in no way intend to make them feel that my church is not where I belong! I love worshiping my almighty God, and I believe He deserves to be worshiped every second I'm alive no doubt. I'm learning the way I best worship God is through music. I just thirst to do it. I love being engulfed in a song, and know that God enjoys it even more then I do when my heart is lost in the words being spoken directly to Him! This church allows strong messages, fellowship with family, praise to my Almighty God, open doors to taking me in, and a beautiful band I could sing my heart out too. So in many cases I'd say it's a win-win-win-win-win.

Today was a pretty great service, and following it was an equally great picnic. I got a chance to meet some new people which is always good, but I specifically wanted to share ONE person I met today that I know God has a huge heart for. You see this guy is unlike any guy I have ever met, and to some people being unique seems to be a turn off. This kid is one of a kind and incredible. Well I shouldn't say kid. He's no more of a kid then I am considering we are the same age. His mind is extraordinary. First off the way he worships with all of himself is one thing, and the way he thinks is in every way outside of the box is another, and I really admire him for that! His creativity is a true talent from God, and it's quite obvious he isn't wasting it. He brought our conversation from super powers, to hobbies, to views on dating, to wedding ideas, to you name it. You're probably thinking to yourself "WOW, talk about unusual for meeting someone for the first time." Honestly I can say not one minute of it was either. "Why?" you might ask. Because this guy was being WHOLEheatedly himself. It didn't matter what he said. He wasn't trying to impress me in anyway. He didn't feel like he had to fit up to some unreachable standard. He just said what his mind and his heart led him to say, and in so many ways I believe that he isn't letting the world conform him to believe he has to be some "super person".

I know that a couple of years ago before I understood the importance of God I would of never understood why he worships the way he worships, and I might of thought that the way he thinks is to far outside the box, but I know that God is wholeheartedly pleased with it. It wasn't some mixed up mistake that he has such a broad view of things, and such a great imagination! Honestly if there wasn't something such as an imagination where would we be today? No one would of been brave enough to make music, invent light bulbs, draw pictures, ect. God is in no way ashamed of anyone he made. In fact God made everybody in a way that brings glory to Him. He planned the way He wanted each of us to be before we were even woven in the womb of our mothers. I believe that God smiles down in this kid everyday, and doesn't even think twice about the love he has for him, or why he was made the way he was, because in the eyes of God he is a man who through His son was made whole, and through His son was made His, and I think each day when the sun rises and sets the love He has for him only increases...

I know if you read this you'll know who you are, and I thank you times a million for being yourself, and God's shining light, and teaching me something unmistakable, undeniable, and unconditional. :) I hope everything posted here wasn't taken in a way that was hurtful because I couldn't say a bad thing about you! Stay cool!

Be proud enough of who God created you to be to express yourself. Be humble enough  to be slow to speak and quick to listen! Pray often. Listen to your heart. Be a friend always. Seek God, and know you can never love to much.

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