Monday, July 5, 2010

Sixteen! Dating..?

I remember a few years back asking my mom how old I had to be before I could date. Her reply was "I don't know. Probably sixteen." To that I agreed and laid it mostly at rest. To be completely honest, and as embarrassing as it is to say, for a while I actually looked forward to turning sixteen for partly that reason. I was so quick, and ready to rush to grow up I forgot that it takes a ton of responsibility with it.

First, I would like to say to my mom if I say a boys name once or twice, or maybe even three times it does not mean I have a crush on him, or like him in any way more then a friend!

Dear brother, if I mention a guys name once or twice, or maybe even three times it DOES NOT mean you have to tease me about him for the REST of my life. :)

Well now I'm sixteen, and confident to say my view on dating since I asked that question to my mom has changed immensely. In simple, I don't want to date. I truly view dating as a game. Not saying that everyone uses it that way, but I feel a fair amount do. I often see many use it to find a shallow emotional connection, and a deeper physical connection, and with that the relationships only satisfies for a short amount of time, and leads the person astray from who he/she fully was.

To lay it out.

  • I believe dating should be a very sincere thing. 
  • I think it should in no way be treated like a marriage such as living at each others houses, sharing finances, ect. 
  • I don't think dating should happen until you are able to actually make a commitment to that person. For example, I am sixteen. I can't get married now anyway, or make the commitment to it, so instead I can build up my relationship with God, and friendships.
  • I do believe that God does have a special person in mind for each of us, unless otherwise called. 
  • I think premature dating causes you to focus to much on an earthly relationship and can take time away from seeking God especially in the teenage years. 
  • I also believe premature dating can affect the person you are suppose to be, and can hinder the plans both you and God had in mind for you life by compromising to much in order to make the relationship work. 
  • I strongly think that a dating relationship should come from a strong friendship where you are aware of who the other person is at heart. 
  • Lastly, I believe it will be a calling from God when the time is right, and when God has placed him/her in your life.

In no way do I wish to push these views on you. When I was younger I didn't think they would shift this much, but at that age then again I never really understood the meaning behind it.

Just some thoughts. Pray about it. Pray for your future spouse that God is guiding them, and they are building their relationship with God. Pray for them to stay pure and patient while you are on your journeys without each other.

Have a good day! :)

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