Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aquire the Fire, Bible, and Prayer. Some thoughts.

Acquire the Fire.

I won't lie. It was probably the best weekend of my life. The valley that I've so long been walking through, had now come to the beginning of the real climb of the mountain. I can't wait to see the view, but for now I am going to enjoy each step I take to the top. The worship, the concerts, the fellowship, and the unbelievable presence of God has me floating on the clouds. It was the extra spark to the fire that I have been thirsting for for the last while. Thank you God for the answered prayer.

For this month I'm reading through the book of Acts. There are 28 chapters, 28 days! It seemed perfect to me! Just some food for thought ten minutes of reading the Bible a day will be WAY more affective then the extra ten minutes you'll gain by not reading it. I promise.

Another thing that's been heavy on my heart lately has been prayer. I just want my conversation with God to be completely continual throughout the day, but with that a friend has been heavy on my heart lately. They are such a huge blessing, and influence on me so I plan to for the next year to pray for them everyday. I encourage anyone who feels called to do this for one of their friends to do the same! I'm very excited for this, and I'm overly excited to see the plans God has for their life!