Saturday, June 5, 2010

Faith Like a Child.

Dedicated to my nephew and niece.

Little kids. I'll never understand the special place that they hold in my heart. I am beyond privileged to be an Aunt at the age of 15. It's the best of both worlds with being the youngest in my family. It's like having the little brother and sister I never had, without the complete responsibility of it. I especially think it's cool because my nephew is 11 years younger then me, and that's how much older my sister is then me, so I can finally see her perspective of growing up with a little sister around. It's pretty sweet.

As much as I don't always appreciate being beaten every time playing Mario cart with my nephew, giving half of my extremely good food portion to them when I eat a snack, and how cluttered my room gets when they spend the night, did I mention one time my nephew woke me up at 2:00a.m. to make me search my room for some fox, because he claimed he saw some but couldn't remember if it was a dream? Well he did. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's worth it, because with it comes gallons and gallons of love, and a numerous amount of hugs. (I am assuming that's not to accurate of a term for measuring love, but it seemed to get my point across.)

At times they can be such a testament to me, in ways that are not imaginable. It's incredible to see that childlike faith lies within them when I ask them who Jesus is. I see that the love and acceptance they have for everyone should be my model or how I also should also show love an acceptance. To little kids it's simple. Past doesn't matter, wrongs aren't being counted, worries are thrown away, and the word 'doubt' doesn't have meaning.

Each year the daycare (Cole Haabala's) I volunteered at goes swimming at Holiday Inn or the like. We eat pizza, play soccer, and swim it up. I remember one year as Cole was finally getting use to the pool, he'd jump off the edge and into my arms assuming I would catch him. There was no doubt in his mind that I would, even if I was looking the other way, he didn't doubt I'd reach my arms out at catch him. In every way our faith needs to grow to be like that. To know that in every circumstance God will reach out his arms to catch us.

My nephew's lately been attached to these little cards that give reasons why you should accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. He's got no clue what they actually say on them but he's got the right idea. He walks around with them sticking out of his pocket where ever he goes. Whenever he runs into somebody new at the grocery store or his parents stop and talk to them he pulls out a card smiles big and says "Do you know Jesus? You can keep this card!" It's something as simple as that-that can make a world's of a difference. A child. A childlike faith.

Be bold. Stand out. Set apart.

Dear Jacob and Tahira,
I love you guys like crazy. You guys mean the world to me. I couldn't of asked for a cooler nephew or niece. You guys rock. :)

Dear Cole,
No doubt do you also mean the world to me. I'd give you one of my kidney's any day. For real. :) I'm so blessed for you to have been part of my life, to feed you bottles, rocked you to sleep, read you stories, and spent hours on end swimming, running around, and playing soccer with you. I can't wait to continue to watch you grow up. Just please don't grow up to fast. :) Keep fighting that cancer, bud!

Dear Allie and Brady,
You guys make me smile to no end. Allie your smile lights up the world, and your quotes never ever fail to make anyone laugh. Brady, your determination never fails to help you get back up! :) Your the lights onto the darkness.

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