Monday, June 21, 2010

That tall ol' pedistal..

I have a mind. It tends to wonder, to create, to dream, to imagine, to wish. My mind can do more then ever imagined. It can hold more information then ever obtainable, but it will never understand the full glory of my Savior, nor the love, the sacrifice, the greatness, or the thought of eternity. To that it has become stumped, and throughout my journey to understand that I will only ever get a slight taste of what it really is.

How about people? Can we understand them? I sure can't, but to an extent I've learned that we only need to understand certain things to small extents. People fail. They lie, they murder, they hate, they gossip, they idolize, they die.

We fall short in ever measure to God. Yet His love runs from east to west, from top to bottom, from nail to nail.

What makes me stumble is how could I possibly keep God next to me in the crowd, while I place a friend upon the pedestal and look to them for their incredible actions. How? I see this man. I see him fail. I see him stumble as I do, but yet I find him worthy to rest upon a pedestal?

God. A man who took His life for me, for you. A man who did the impossible. Yet I sometimes see an earthly man more better deserving of praise? Impossible.

Yet it's a sin I commit. I understand how great people can be, but my God He rocks. I can't even wrap my mind around everything He's done for me, yet I search or set a higher resting point for Him to reach.

Dear God,
Each and everyday I fail. I look to earthly material possessions, and friends to satisfy me. I know only You truly can satisfy me though. Help me to look towards You in times of need, in times of happiness, and in times of thanksgiving. Help me to give YOU the credit, and the glory that YOU deserve. Help me to find the correct earthly company for my stay on this earth. Thanks for standing by me at every moment. Thank You for coming after me even when I stray away. Thank you for forgiving me. Help me to turn and run from sin, temptation, and the devil. Help me to walk a straight path towards with You, and see the world as You would be please for me too.
In Jesus Name I Pray,

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