Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm NOT going to sleep until I squeeze a very unorganized post out.

Wow! This weeks been great! I've spent a good reasonable amount of it at the Haabala's babysitting! :) Cole had a fever so Jon and Carly took him down to the hospital. They spent Monday morning-Wednesday night there, so I've been helping take care of the kids during the days while their Grandma goes to work. His chemotherapy treatment is ending soon! Early July I believe. Please pray that it's enough to get rid of the cancer! Around the time his chemotherapy treatment will be ending I'll be getting my license, so Coley and I plan on going on a celebration "date" to DQ. I can't wait! :)

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the order of my priorities. They've definitely shifted. School has moved out, friends moved up, and God? Where does He lay? I'd like to say He's at the sky rocket top, although if I said that I'd be lying. I CAN say that I full heartily wish God was on the sky rocket top.

I'm realizing with more free time it's hard to actually push myself to do daily scheduled things on my own. I like to just play things by ear a lot of the time. I've been doing at least a daily devotional each day, and some good book reading. Surprisingly I've found it easiest to sit down to do a devotional not at a scheduled time, but when I sit down thinking I don't have anything to do! I encourage you to find something that makes sure and holds you accountable for getting some personal time with God too!

I'm excited for what this summer holds! It's definitely going to be the deepest one I've had ever, which I will certainly enjoy because...I AM deep. God's offered several opportunities this summer to keep me accountable to keeping my life on a decent path. I can't wait for all He has in store!

New Orleans is coming up sooner then I can imagine. Two weeks of focusing on my Lord. I'm excited God shed the knowledge on me that I can only get out of this trip as much as I put into it. I can't wait to get that extra little spark of God's presence. It'll be overly refreshing.

Following soon after that FCA leadership camp will come! I'm certainly hoping to get so much out of that too! I want to take everything that I learned at New Orleans and previous experiences and learn to apply it all in a daily manner to spread the hope of God to others!

Following that Zion will be having VBS, and I'm hoping to volunteer the week there! I can't wait to see what God has in store for these kids this year!

Don't forget in the busy reality of life that God should be our center. Take a break. Breath. Read some Bible. Talk to Him. Look at the beautiful creation He has laid ALL around us.

My goal is to pick up the writing a little more often. I'll be getting a heart full of things to talk about once the summer picks up a little more.

Go live life loud.

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