Sunday, May 2, 2010

All in a moment, all in a minute, all in a short amount of time.

Only last October had I walked along side her, after a small get together for my Grandma's birthday...we all gathered at her house only a very short distance from my little six year old cousin Kortni's house. As she sat at a table coloring next to me, her parents used the typical threat most parents would use if their child wouldn't budge an inch. "We'll leave you here if you don't come over here and get your shoes on now." "Mom, I just want to finish this picture" she said. After a few more minutes of talk I promised I would walk her home when she was done. Her parents agreed, and it was all settled. Shortly after her parents left she was done with her picture, and asked me to walk her home. Before we even walked fifteen feet out the door, I looked down at her and saw her reach up her hand to hold mine. I put my hand out and together we walked. I asked her about school, her favorite color, and how dance was going, before I knew it our conversation had lead us to the familiar steps of her front door. She rang the door bell with her hand still in mine, and waited for her parents to arrive at the door. As she saw her Mom open the door, she looked up at me, smiled big, thanked me for walking her home, released my hand and walked in the door with her brilliantly colored picture. Her mom smiled at me and thanked me, and I walked back to my Grandma's house. Never would I think that would be the last time we'd walk along this earth together...

Now I sit here in disbelief, with a blank look, and a numb feeling inside...
"Kortni drowned." my Mom said..
"She died?" I asked.
"Yes." She replied.

She's gone. All in a moment, all in a minute, all in a short amount of time. She's with God now. He's called her home. She's coloring pictures in God's lap as he looks over her shoulder in complete awe and satisfaction of her beautiful creation. She's at rest. She's at ease. She's in God's arms.

Rest in peace Kortni Botzet.

Treat each day like it's your last. Share the gospel. Share your hope. Love until you can't anymore. Never take advantage of a friendship, or relationship. Each is precious, unique, and given to you as a blessing for a reason.

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