Monday, April 5, 2010


Mmmm..Easter, the sound of familiar hymns, and joyful hearts. This time of year never gets old. I decided for myself it was going to be a new twist. No egg dying, no personalized Easter basket, no egg hunts, no Easter bunny!

Instead my plan was to read the Easter story daily from Thursday-Sunday, watch The Passion of the Christ, and encourage my whole family to go to church at 6:00 a.m. with me. The purpose of the plan was to really focus on the meaning of Easter. I felt more in touch with this then I probably ever have.

Mission Status and Reports:
The repetition of the Easter story made it much more clear in my mind, and reminded myself consistently of what Christ had to do for us. I in fact did get my Mom, and Dad to go to church with me that morning, but failed when it came to my brother. Church seemed like much more of a hassle, and stressful for them then I had hoped for it to be, but I could tell they were listening into the message which was my main hope. Although I'm thankful I watched the Passion of the Christ, I am rather curious to know how much of the time I didn't hid behind my pillow. I'm a very visual person when it comes to pain. Watching the man who gave you absolutely everything you have being whipped, spat on, laughed at, and mocked is indescribably harsh! I couldn't help but flinch each time I saw him whipped. I made it through the movie fairly questionable, but managed pretty well until the crucifixion scene. I saw the nail put to his hand, and as hard as I tried to look, my eyes would close. That's the part that hit me the hardest. I cried as I sat there seeing the nails in his hands, and realizing that I was the one who did that to him. I was the one who put him up on the cross. He was up there because of you, and because of me, because of LOVE. I don't even have words to discribe how that makes me feel...
Out of this I learned a whole new degree of the love he has for us. What get's to me is how much I still don't and will never comphrehend the unconditional love he gave...
For now though my GOAL is to try to spread the love I understand, and even more so spread the love I don't understand, and to make a statement for God.

Status of Mission:

Status of Goal:
A work in progress. (This status will never change, because the goal can never be completely fullfilled.)

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