Wednesday, March 16, 2011


One thing my mind has been pretty engulfed with lately has been the idea of praising God through everything, with everything. Does this Almighty God we have only deserve praise in the happy times, in the sad times? He's always working His plan. He's always looking at the big picture. He's always working things together for our good. Does that not deserve constant praise?

I've been reading through the book of Job this month. What a guy Job is. He's stripped of everything that he has yet He looks up towards God and praises Him. He's so solid on the foundation on which he stands. It blows my mind!

There are so many little things in life I pass by so often, and I don't even take the moments I have to praise God for them.

On my way to track practice Monday I headed outside a little early to scrap off the windows. As I scrapped them off, I looked closely at the snowflakes so perfectly placed on there. The thought that our God created every single one of those snowflakes is absolutely crazy to me. He's a God of such detail. The idea that He could tell me how many hairs are on my head while He has a million other things to take care of only reassures me that much more to hand over the pieces of my life to Him.

Tuesday as I headed to track practice I walked outside to what seemed to be a gloomy day. As I approached our parked car, I noticed the small drops of rain falling on it; only the day before was I scrapping off the windshield. As track presumed the slow mist stopped, the clouds abandoned the skies, and the sun took it's place. God has control. He has a plan. He can change the weather. He can change the heart. He can work miracles. Although the weather He controls is ever changing. The God of this universe isn't. He's constant. He's perfect.

Lately I've been praying for God to put a thirst in my heart to follow Him, to see a glimpse of His glory, and to see Him in everything. As I drove to practice today I couldn't believe the brightness of the sun. When I was younger, riding in the car, I'd always close my eyes to the glorious sun. It's instinct. As I drove on today, I wished to close my eyes, I thought of putting on some sunglasses in order to see better. Than it hit me. This is a taste of God's glory. This is only a small idea of how bright His glory actually shines. Today the perspective of the bright shining sun was different. I understood it as an answered prayer. A glimpse of His glory has always been right in front of me. It made me think: Is that what I do? Do I close my eyes to glory that God shines ever so brightly in front of me everyday? Do I play down the glory He displays in my life to be comfortable? My prayer has changed. Rather than seeing the glimpse of God's glory- I pray to be a reflection of God's glory. I pray to bring Him praise.

Don't forget to take time out of your day to praise God. He's glorious.

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