Friday, August 27, 2010

Flooded. Empty. Focused? (SMA)

Lately my mind has felt flooded, overwhelmed, and consumed. I'm guessing the lack of sleep I have been getting isn't helping that in any way either. For the last two weeks a minimum of eight hours a day has been spent on watching football practice, taping feet, making ice bathes, finding supplies, helping injured players, and keeping a pretty constant eye of knowing what's going on, but after seeing how much work the football players put into a two-a-day practice I feel I have no right to complain. A regular day consists of two four hour shifts that follow with eating, attempting to get something done, then head off to bed, only to wake up and do it again. Honestly this does make me feel I have purpose, but it makes me feel even better to know that God probably has a greater purpose for me.

With so much time spent at practices and in the training room the time I spend at home feels like nothing. Recently the question that has popped into my mind is 'Am I still focused on God?' Mainly this question popped up because one of the football players who pretty much always tries to give me a hard time walked up to me and said "Want to hear a joke?" I said "Nope." He then continued to say "Girl sports, and your FCA leadership skills." To that I replied "Yeah...thanks!" In a way it kind of felt like a slap on the face. I mostly know this kid is just teasing although a lot of the time it's hard to tell. It kind of made me take a step back and think why am I even here?

We've had quite a few encounters in the last two weeks where people have walked up to us and said with a cheesy smirk on their face "Are you standing here to watch the football guys?" We normally just try to laugh it off, and make some joke about how if we weren't trainers we wouldn't be standing there amidst 80 some guys, and 6 male coaches. Certainly signing up for it if I would of known that we weren't spending all our time in the training room, and that we'd be in the middle of the field watching practice go on, and that we planned to be  partnered so tightly with football I probably wouldn't have volunteered. Some of me wonders though if this is the complete working of God in my life. My purpose from this is to be more then a sports medical assistant trainer. My purpose is probably far wider then I will understand, but I do know my purpose is to be a light for God to every single one of those guys on that field. I may not have to run around quoting Bible verses left, and right, but my actions should be able to speak loud enough to make people wonder what it's all about.

Maybe sometimes harsh words have to be spoken to awaken you from a tiring sleep. Maybe what I thought had purpose means nothing now, and the what seemed over is only starting to begin.

Those previous thoughts should of almost popped up in my mind automatic though I feel. I can't stress enough that being a Christian isn't just a Sunday, Wednesday, youth group sorta deal. It's far more, and far better. It should take place at school, work, on the rainbow rider, on the field, at the zoo, anywhere, everywhere.

Hello football season. Hello sports medical assistant training. Hello feet. Hello road trips with smelly boys, and extreme outnumbered boy-girl ratio bus rides. None of it matters now. What matters is the foot I as a Christian decide to put forth, and the leap I am willing to take to bring my faith to the next step. Bring it. With the help of God. I can take it. We can take it.

Be set apart.

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